Best Bars Found in Rio

Rio de Janeiro


Some says that Rio de Janeiro is the hottest spot in Brazil; well we have to admit that it’s true. World famous beaches, wonderful scenery and vibrant nightlife and spectacular carnival are all given for the best place for booze and schmooze. For a laid back night of dance and music, you can’t beat a visit to one of the best bars found in the city. So check out some of the Best bars found in Rio, and enjoy a passionate night in one of the hottest spot in the world: in Rio de Janeiro:

Bar do Mineiro

Bar do Mineiro

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Bar do Mineiro is very popular as it functions as art gallery, bistro, bar and antique shop. The specialty of the bar is the cachaça which is a distilled alcoholic drink in Brazil. It is ranked among the best spot where you can enjoy delicious meals served by friendly stuffs. The address: Rua Pascoal Carlos Magno 99 | Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.


Bar Bracarense

We have to admit that Bracarense is a less impressive pavement bar also it is the best spot to catch locals enjoying their drinks and the best snacks in the city. The most popular ones that you should try are catupiry cheese and friend balls of yucca with shrimp.The prices are fairly good so once you hit the pub sit back and enjoy your snack and a really good icy beer.  The address is: Rua Jose Linhares 85 Leblon


Found in Ipanema, it turned to be a popular meeting pot for rock and alternative music lovers.  The atmosphere is all about rock’n roll, most of the waiters have tattoos. We have to admit that is one of the best spots where you can meet other tourists. The best time to go is on the weekends. Where is it exactly?: Rua Maria Quitéria , 37 – Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Academia da Cachaca

Specializing in the North East Brazilian food and great cocktails it is a very popular bar among the locals and visitors as well. There are hundreds of portion to choose from, s no doubt the best place where you can fill your belly with delicacies. 26 Rua Conde de Bernadotte Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.

Lord Jim’s

 Lord Jim's Dining Area

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It looks like a traditional British pub as there are quiz night organized, there is even a telephone booths situated by the doors. The bar really reveals the atmosphere of British pubs as it is always full with football fans who gather to watch the matches with a good beer while they are munch on fish and chips. Where can you find it? Rau Paul Redfern 63 Ipanema.

Bar D’Hotel

Bar D’Hotel- is a classic bar in Rio and the best choice if you want a break from the busy places of Rio. It is the best spot for couples as it is a really romantic place as it overlooks to the ocean. The food is fancy and the specialties of the hotel are the Sake Caipirinha and champagne cocktail. 696 Avenida Delfim Moreira Marina Hotel, Rio de Janeiro.


Baronetti is one of the most upscale bars in Rio, filled with upper reach locals and visitors. The decoration is modern and elegant; it is a really trendy place with great music. It is also mentioned as a club as there is opportunity for dancing all night. 354 Rua Barão da Torre Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.


It is a very lay back bar, similar to the New York style bars, with a relaxed atmosphere. Its dance floor is always filled, the music is varied samba, hip hop and techno are all available. 47 Rua Rita Ludolf Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.

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