Best Spots with the Most Stunning Beaches in Brazil

Jericoacoara Beach Brazil


If someone thinks that it is possible to rank all of the beaches in Brazil, I have to say that it is impossible. It would be unfair if we just mention a few of them, however I think it might be really helpful, if we compile the spots with the most stunning beaches in Brazil, in order to know where to find them. Year round sunshine, white sands, parties and picturesque scenery are waiting to be discovered in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro


No doubt, Rio de Janeiro has the best beaches in Brazil. Being a  vibrant city with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, all of the tourists wants to reveal the beaches of Rio. The world-wide known beaches are Copacabana and Ipanema, however there are other famous beaches like São Conrado, Barra or Arpoador. Being a bustling city, among to the beaches, there are plenty to see and to do in Rio. Travel tours, museums, galleries, upscale shopping malls are all waiting for you.


Being the most important island of Brazil, there are a huge variety of beaches that one can imagine. Its beaches can be put into 3 categories: one belonging to the Eastern Coast, to the Northern Coast and to the Southern Coast. All of its beaches are worth to see, however if you want to see the most notable ones, discover: Praia do Campeche, Praia da Solidão , Armação , Praia dos Ingleses, Barra da Lagoa and Praia Mole.


Buzios Beach

©Luca Comparini/flickr

Buzios is the most wonderful beach town in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The city has over 20 beaches, with very famous ones such as Brava, Azeda, Ferradura, Forno and João  as well as it hosts numerous galleries with other entertainment venues like clubs and boutiques, cafes and bars and lovely inns. The town with its beach resort, it’s famous among the surf and snorkeling lovers, who return every year to practice.

Fernando de Noronha

It turned to be a small archipelago of the Northern coast of Brazil. Being a wonderful island framed by the Atlantic Ocean, hosts many of the most visited beaches of the country. Some of them are: Baia de Sancho, Baia dos Porcos, Praia do Leão, Praia do Cachorro, all of them having  a spectacular Atlantic scenery.


Nowadays more and more people choose the beaches of Itacare for their vacation holiday. Its deserted beaches, which are surrounded by the forests of the Atlantic Coast are charming destinations for millions of tourists every year. The best beaches includes: Praia da Ribeira, Engenhoca and Prainha.

Porto De Galinhas

Weather you are looking for popular beaches or some deserted ones for getting away from the hordes of tourists, Porto De Galinhas offers both kinds of beach resorts. Just a few of the best beaches are: Cupe, Maracaípe, Muro Alto. All of these mentioned above are perfect for surf practicing.


It has the most popular beaches in the neighborhood of Sao Paulo. They are surrounded by pitoresque scenery, and its enchanting island with breathtaking waterfalls contribute to the beach paradise. Its most beautiful beaches are: Praia de Bonete, Praia Grande, Praia Sul, and Praya Brava da Fortaleza.


It has been known as the home of the longest beaches in the world, framed by oceans, amazing lagoons and dunes.

Porto Seguro

Lying on the coast of Bahia, it is the main treasure town of Brazil, which attracts millions of tourists annually. It is highly visited around the time of the carnivals. The city has amazing beaches divided into the Northern and the Southern Coast. The popular beaches from the North cost are: Praia de Mutá, Ponta Grande and Taperapuã and some on the Southern coast: Caraíva, Taípe and Praia de Curuípe.

Ilha do Mel

Strengthen on the Southern part of Brazil, there are also attractive beaches belonging to Ilha do Mel. Some of them are: Praia de For a, Praia das Encantandas and Praya da Fortaleza.



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