Cheap flights to Brazil

Cheap flights to Brazil

The cheapest rate found for an airfare to Brazil is $307, it was a American Airlines flight starting from Orlando. It is also the cheapest flight found in the previous twelve months starting from Orlando International in December, 2012. If we consider average rates September the best time of the year to travel to the region.

Companies with flights to Brazil

All in all 38 companies operate flights to and within Brazil, 20 of them also have flights in the country. United Airlines connects Brazil with not less than 15 countries and at the same time United Airlines links it with 26 USA locations. 46 airline companies serve the country, out of which 38 operate international flights while the other airlines operate domestic flights only.

Airport info about the country

Out of the 126 airports in Brazil 18 are international airports and the others only serve on domestic routes. The busiest airport in the country is Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo having 43 connections served by 31 airlines. You are able to get a flight to the country from 12 different US airports in 12 various US locations. Hunt cheap flights to Brazil from the closest airport to your home via the search box.

Fun facts about flights to Brazil

  • High season in is in December to March yearly so it is more expensive and more crowded at that time but also more fun.
  • June-September is the low season in Brazil, so you will possibly fly cheaper but this time of the year can be less eventful.
  • The medium cost of an airfare coming from the USA to Brazil is some $985 r/t.
  • The airline companies with the highest number of domestic flights are TAM Brazilian Airlines, Hellas Jet, City Connexion Airlines, Azul and Oceanair.
  • The shortest international flight to the country comes from Miami and arrives to Manaus in just 4 hours and 5 minutes taking 2,500 miles.

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