Florianapolis, as a True Tourist Paradise



Florianapolis, often referred as Floripa is a wonderful sight for visitors, strengthen on the Island of Santa Catarina framed by sand dunes, small islands and beautiful lakes. As the title suggests: ‘Florianapolis, as a true tourist paradise’ our guide will give you some basic travel information about this magnificent city, so if you haven’t been there yet, this guide will surely assure you that Floripa should be on your Brazilian travel destination list. So read it on and start planning your vacation.

Beaches in Florianapolis

Florianapolis has more than 40 beaches; some of them are very popular for national and international championships which are held in the city. So the beaches are considered to be the key attractions of the city. More than 40 beaches can be found on the East, North and South Coasts.  The East Coast beaches are popular surfing spots, the best ones are: Mole, Joaquina and Mocambique which is also the longest beach extending about 5km. The North beaches are also famous about their strong waves. All of the beaches provide picturesque scenery framed by wonderful mountains, creating a panoramic view of the North Bay. The best time for visiting the beaches is from January to April, when the waters are ideal for beach adventures.

Florianapolis attractions and adventure

Cruz e Souza Museum

©Vanessa Fontana/flickr

If your soul is looking for cultural experiences, then you have to be sure that the city has it in abundance. The center of the city reveals the colonial period, as there are alleys, churches, rows of typical houses, all belonging to the colonial architecture. The highlights of the city are the government palace known as the Cruz e Souza Museum and the Publik Market which sells different types of food and local handicrafts as well. The Cathedral belongs to the landmark of the city, drawing hordes of visitors to amaze the innate beauty and awe-inspiring architecture. The main attractions center around the ocean as the flawless sands, the turquoise water attracts millions of tourist to practice their favorite sport in this splendid environment. Surfing, diving, and fishing and also boat trips are all popular activities practiced in the area. And also if you are a fan of snowboarding you surely will enjoy boarding on sand dunes in Floripa, as in the absence of snow, sand dunes should be a must for every traveler to Floripa, as it is a unique sand experience.

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