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Brazil is known as the fifth largest country in the world that is why; if you are a traveler, you should keep in mind that there are huge distances between the major points, so forget the idea to explore the country within 2-3 days. If you are planning a journey in Brazil, do not avoid taking a leap for at least a two weak holiday, and then you have plenty of time to reveal the jewels of this beautiful country. If you are not joining to a group on your journey, it is very important to be aware how to get around in the country. In order to help you, we have assembled some basic information  to get around easily in the country.

By plane

Brazil Air Force

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Being a large country with huge distances the most convenient way to get around if you choose the airlines. There are four major airline services: Varig, Vasp, TAM and Transbrasil and other domestic airlines. All of them are offering affordable prices and extensive network between the major travel spots. It is advisable if you book seats in advance especially at weekends. Most of the airlines offer air passes, by which travelers can fly around the country and save their bundles. Also among to the advantages of this transportation we should mention its disadvantage of the airlines, that they are experiencing delays and cancellations very often.

By bus

Traveling by bus it could be really comfortable and affordable if you are traveling within short distances. There are possibilities to purchase the tickets in ahead of time, in order to not to worryin the last minute if there are any seats. The buses are well equipped, travelers can purchase for a deluxe coach with leito (those seats that recline almost flat) and containing extra perks. All major cities are linked with bus routes; provides bus tours for travelers who are interested in sightseeing.

By train

Without a doubt traveling by train is the best way of being enchanted by the wonderful landscape offered by the country, although a very few number of travelers uses this kind of transportation because the railway system is not operating very often. Also there are a few wonderful rail journeys, one of them operating between Curtiba, Paraná and Florianopolis.

By Car

For short distances the best way to get around the country is by car. If you do not own your own car, car rental services are also available, and it is not expensive at all. The road quality conditions vary, however the traffic rules are chaotic in the major cities. Taking a taxi for short distances is also advisable: they are affordable and the drivers are known as very friendly people. Taxis are metered and tipping it is not common at all.

By water

Jericoacoara Beach Brazil


There are a huge number of ferry services operating between such a major cities like Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande and Belém and Manaus. To travel to the Amazon delta the river transport is the most convenient. There are several bout tours on the Amazon River, offering a memorable river journey.

There are other public transports in the cities like Sao Polo which has an extensive subway system.

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