Must Do Adventures in Brazil



Brazil is a country that provides a vast array of adventures, whether you are an extreme sport lover or someone who just adore nature, the land of Amazon offers a variety of things to do. Check out our short guide about the must do adventures in Brazil, and plan your tour to experience all of the activities available in the country for a memorable holiday.

Hang gliding



Hang gliding in Rio  is a  must activity for those who are looking for extreme adventures and adrenalin rush experience. There are more than 180 platforms around the country offering ideal opportunity for those, who are fond or just want to try to enjoy the adventure.


For those who like pungent feelings, trekking is an extremely popular. The best region of the country for trekking is the North-East Part of Brazil, where there are lots perfect locations for trekking. Although the following 3 national park  are also ideal for trekking: the National Parks of Sete Cidades, National Parks of Chapada Diamantina and the National Parks of Ubajara. The Amazon rainforest is the best spot for enjoying the trekking; however there are ideal opportunities in the south –east, south and mid west regions as well.

Hiking and climbing

If you are looking for more unforgettable experiences in the beautiful and exciting Brazil, you should try hiking and climbing in the country. The region of Salvador has some excellent rock formations with waterfalls, and many hiking trails. Also if you delve into the Amazon rainforest and watch its spectacular ecosystem you will find ideal spots for climbing as well.

Water Sports

river  rafting


If you know a little bit more about Brazil I’m sure you know that its coastline which hosts hundreds of beaches is a perfect place for water sport activities. Brazil is also famous among the surfers, as they come from different part of the world to enjoy surfing in the land of Amazon. The best beaches for surfing are the beaches of Santa Catarina and the best waves are from June to August.

River rafting and canoeing

River rafting and canoeing is a must for every adventurous visitor on the Amazon. The best period is from February to April when it is a rainy season and the flooded rainforest become excellent for canoeing and rafting.

Scuba diving

The best scuba diving place on the southern coast is considered to be: Cabo Marine Reserve which is situated 2 hours drive from Rio. The crystal clear turquoise water is teeming with species of marine life, such as: turtles, moray eels, sea horses, tropical fishes in a spectacular coral environment.

 Paragliding, sky diving, kite surfing and biking are also popular activities.

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