The best shopping places in Brasilia

Brasília Shopping, ©Moises.on/Flickr

Shopping in Brasilia, in the national capital is one of the city’s best attraction, most of all for women. There are lot of huge malls and markets full of life. Patio Brasil situated in the central of the city SCS Quadra 07 district from 1997, and usually considered as Brasilia’s most important modern shopping center.

In the mall, you can find 200 different stores, plus a huge food court with about 30 restaurants. The Brasilia’s market shopping reflect on taking time at the imports named the ‘Feira dos Importados’, investigating the 2,000 market kiosks and stalls or the flea fair at Sunday seated at the Television Tower.

Conjunto Nacional

Conjunto Nacional is the oldest shopping center in Brasilia, which was built in 1970s, and is located in the Asa Norte SCLN, not far from the Praca dos Aposentados.

Conjunto Nacional, ©Diogo R. Moraes/Flickr

Even if the Conjunto Nacional is not as large and remarkable as the Patio Brasil shopping center, it has become famous for its traditional stores and large shop from Brasilia. Stores here are opening Monday to Saturday, between 09:00 to 22:00, and Sunday 14:00 to 22:00.

Shopping Campo Grande

In the Campo Grande you can find all you’d expect. A host of boutiques makes it special.

Brasília Shopping

Famous for its stylish stores and unique arch-shaped architecture, Brasilia Shopping is another mall, which is worth to visit, includes a number of huge department stores with a cinema and restaurants. Situated in the SCLN Quadra 05 part of the town, the Brasilia Shopping center is easy to reach from the city’s hotel quarter.

Brasilia Shopping Mall, ©Carla Salgueiro/Flickr

The Parkshopping center from Guara area is also worth to see, is close to the airport and includes 350 shops in total, and nine known anchor stores. This shopping center is close to both hotel quarters. Is open Monday-Saturday from 10 to 10 and Sunday from 2 to 10.


Brasília’s largest mall is the Parkshopping. There are 183 shops in and a central garden designed by Burle Marx, this is the place where are organizing lot of cultural events. Monday to Saturday open from 10 to 10 and Saturday 12 to 10

Street shopping

Street shopping at Brasilia, ©é™ˆéœ†, Ting Chen, Wing/Flickr

It could be, that you don’t prefer the malls, no problem, you have plenty possibilities for shopping on the streets. The example the W3 Avenue has the benefit of much revitalization and the shops coming back again. There are shops close to Brasilia’s residential wings as well as the Bus Station – Rodoviaria and the Setor de Diversoes.

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