The best walking places in Brasilia

City Park, Brasilia, ©babasteve/Flickr

The gorgeous Brazilian capital is a picture of contemporary architecture. Tremendous group of tourists visit the city every season of the year. It has many impressive monuments and buildings.

The tourist opinion is that Brasilia is like a big open-air museum. Many visitors said that Brasilia wasn’t built for foot passengers but for those who travel by car. This is not so true. Those who designed Brasilia wanted that pedestrian and cars would be separated so the people can have safe spaces to walk in and cars too. The conception is that between the sectors of cities people could drive, but in the sector, they could walk on walking routes.

Brasília National Park

Mineral water is running in the two swimming pools. These are the most attractions of Parque Nacional de Brasília, saying in other way Água Mineral.

Animals at Brasília National Park, ©Paulo Rená/Flickr

The area of the park is 30 thousand hectares. Two hiking trails are among the other attractions of the park. Capivara is the shortest one, 20-minute easy walk. The longest trail Cristal d’ água takes around 1 hour walk. The park has a center for visitors and lot of different animal that live in the woods.

Botanic Gardens

The big Botanic Garden is a piece of the savanna. Botanists, scientists, gardeners are taking great interest the profusion and diversity of local flora and fauna. There are well-arranged pathways for you to get pleasure from the environment.

Cerrado, ©Bruno Bravo/Flickr

The waterfall – Salto do Itiquira

If you visit in Brasilia, this is a brilliant program for a sunny day. The highest waterfall in Brasília. it match to a building which has 56 floors. The entertainment around the waterfall is preserved. If you are close at the waterfall, you feel the rain. You had better take a dry suit so you can use on when your return. If you want to see more than the waterfall you can go by a tracking that brings you where the fall begins. There you have an amazing view of the Itiquira’s Park. Or you can just lie down and watch the waterfall from above.

City Park

City Park, Brasilia, ©babasteve/Flickr

This City Park is busy with sports men. Just take your time and watch the people on bikes, skates, strolling, jogging. They have a  4, 6 and 10 km running tracks. Just feel free to stand in with them. But I encourage you to use a sun block. There are not too much trees or shadow.  You can easily burn yourself. If you got thirsty you can by coconuts drink or water from dispenser.

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