Things to know about Recife for visitors

View of Recife, ©Lyssuel Calvet/Flickr

Recife is the second largest city in Northeastern Brazil and is the capital city of the State Pernambuco. Originally it was built as a port city, but now it exports cotton, coffee and sugar. Recifegot its name from the Portuguese word for reef. This refers to the coral reefs that drawn a line between its coast and the city’s many beautiful beaches. This beautiful area has only recently become a popular tourist attraction. Recife is known as the Venice of Brazil for its small and intimate windy streets, many bridges, canals, and small windy streets. The Boa Viagem beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Sandy beaches with warm green waters, the complete infrastructure of restaurants, hotels and services are always empress visitors.

History effects

Recife`s History is unique. The contact between Portuguese settlers and native Indians was very strong and left many visible marks in the culture of this region. These visible traces can be detected in the legacy of the Dutch, who occupied this area for more than 20 years. This is why Pernambuco’s culture is one of the richest in Brazil.


One of the most popular accommodation options is at the amazing beach of Boa Viagem which is the best known urban beach in Brazil. The beach area provides opportunities to a perfect vacation with good hotels, entertaining beach life, gorgeous restaurants and nightlife.

Boa Viagem beach in Recife, ©@raulds/Flickr


Brazil belongs to the few countries in Latin America where is speaking Portuguese which in Brazil has different accents, but not dialects. There are some differences in vocabulary but the language is spoken uniformly everywhere in the country.


Recifeis a central city in Northeast Brazil, so you can find many travel options. You can also choose land or air transport, because both of them are very reliable and easily accessible.

Train Station in Recife, ©Peace_/Flickr


In Recife, especially in the old part of the city, you can find very good and intimate restaurants that are open late in the evening. In the downtown you can find great restaurants, too, but it is important to know that they close early.


In Recife you can explore beautiful old churches, charming streets and amazing buildings. Old Recife offers a large section to discover old Dutch-origin buildings. With its rich history, Recife has interesting Historical museums. I highly recommend to visit this beautiful city because surely you will find many other stunning attractions.

View of Recife, ©Lyssuel Calvet/Flickr

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