Tips for Budget Travelers in Brazil

Restaurant in Adrogue-Buenos Aires

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Comparing to other South American countries, we have to admit that Brazil is much more expensive than its Latin American neighbors, especially if you visit the country on the peak season. The best time for visiting the country is during the carnival, as there is nothing in the whole wide world similar as the famous Rio Carnival.  Although Brazil is an expensive land still it has lots of opportunities to budgets travelers. Let me give you some useful tips regarding to the lodgings, eating and transportation. These tips for budget travelers in Brazil, hopefully will give you some useful ideas how to save money on travel expenses.


There are plenty of opportunities to find accommodation on a budget in Brazil. There are different family style accommodations called “pousada” which are cheaper than major hotels. For budget travelers there are a vast array of hostels known as “albeurges” in Portuguese offering breakfast. These hostels are always filled with travelers and backpackers around the world so it is a good way to met people from different countries. Before you travel check on the internet all budget friendly lodgings in Brazil.

Eating in Brazil

	salgados almost everywere in Brazil, filled with cheese, ham or meat.


There are places all are over the country where tourists can eat for cheap, however, obviously main tourist spots hold higher prices. Delicious restaurant meals can get around €3.00, however the prices vary wildly. Other alternatives can be,buying fresh fruit on the markets or in supermarkets. Street foods are in relatively good prices as well so by buying them you can suffice your hunger.

Getting around

Although we are talking about a huge country where distances are enormous, taking a plane is not the cheapest way for getting around within the country. If you want to save money, take buses from getting to the destination, as they are cheap and comfortable. The only disadvantage is that it takes almost a day journey for long distances, well its time to sacrifice the comfort in order to get the most out of your budget travel holiday.

In a conclusion as you see your budget holiday depends on where you stay,what to eat and what kind of means of transportation do you choose. However one thing is sure, Brazil is the country where visitors will find everything that they are looking for: natural wonders, stunning beaches, rain forests, vibrant cities and lots of friendly people, so a country with full of joy.

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