Top five safety information visiting Brazil

Florianopolis, ©atramos/Flickr

Florianopolis, ©atramos/Flickr

Safety is a large concern when visiting any foreign city, let a lone a vast country such as Brazil, and such concerns are undeniably justified. Crime rate in Brazil had a fairly high crime rate in the late 1980’s, one that has been drastically reduced, in large part due to the countries’ high focus on tourism.

Reading this short safety information guide including various contact numbers, local police chapters your misconception will hopefully clear up regarding that many people initially hold that Brazil is like Harlem or New York at 4 AM. You will also find a brief history of that high crime rate period in 1980’s and you will see that obeying a few simple and basic rules is all you need to have a fantastic time in this wonderful country.

Be aware of what you wear!

Almost all of us should hear about the stereotypes of “Latino machismo” which truly does exist in Brazil but the legends are far too away from the truth. First of all because more than a half of University graduates in Brazil are female. It is a true fact Brazilian men love to flirt, but if you are ignoring their come-ons from the first time there’s nothing to be happen to you and they walk away. Although there is something you should be aware of, it is all on you not to encourage them by dressing in a way that calls for attention. If you are spending your night in town it is highly recommended for your own safety to take a taxi than to walk alone.

Brasilian  taxi, ©victorcamilo/Flickr

Brasilian taxi, ©victorcamilo/Flickr

Elderly people should not be afraid to visit Brazil, because they are treated with much respect and affection in this country.

Take a taxi of the hotel

Taxis are most probably very safe and confortable ways of transportation and also they are available almost everywhere. You should believe, taxi drivers can’t wait for your call and take you around the town. Although if you do not feel safe ordering a taxi yourself, ask the hotel you are in or a restaurant to call one for you: the taxis provided like this are guaranteed to be completely safe. With their inexpensive costs, taxis are the number one most common mode of transportation that tourists use and they are generally the one most recommended.

Pickpockets are looking for the tourists

There are always the pickpockets that look for the lost tourist within a crowd. Most of the time such thieves have absolutely no intention of hurting you, so if you feel a tug on your bag and realize it is being stolen, let it go. They are sharp-edged for tourists enchanted of sightseeing, put your values in a safe place, close to your body and always keep an eye on it. This is also why storing your passport and vital documents in the hotel safe is the wisest plan, along with why not having a lot of money on you is recommended.

Beware of pickpockets, ©Thruhike98/Flickr

Beware of pickpockets, ©Thruhike98/Flickr

Be careful on public transports

Using public transportation in Brazil is safe during the day, though one must be cautious of pickpockets during rush hour. If you visit Rio de Janeiro you must know drivers are a bit frantic including bus drivers but there are still a very few reported accidents. If you want to try traveling by bus around the country you will find a number of bus services offering good prices with comfortable, usually air conditioned vehicles.

Darker side of Brazil

Most of the crime that accounts for the high crime rate statistics takes place in the poverty stricken favelas, or shantytowns. These areas are found in the hills of cities, where most tourists would not be advised, or interested, in going to on their own. If you are interested in exploring these areas for another side of Brazil, there are guided tours provided within the cities.

Florianopolis, ©atramos/Flickr

Florianopolis, ©atramos/Flickr

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