Top Five Steps Planning a Trip to Brazil

Brazil group holiday, ©David Holt London/Flickr

A group holiday in Brazil, ©David Holt London/Flickr

It’s never easy to make the decision to go on a holiday, but it’s even hard to plan the whole trip, choosing the best location, being aware of every detail, taking everything necessary with you. Brazil is such vast country that you may easily get overwhelmed by the numerous attractions it offers. Where to go? What to do? What to see? We are trying to provide an outline for some popular vacation choices and helpful planning information to get you started in putting together your trip. Following these five steps, from choosing the perfect timing up to the things you must take with you, you will definitely arrange a perfect trip in Brazil.

Timing is Very Important

At the top of the steps of planning a trip to Brazil is the timing. The most popular time to travel to Brazil is one week before Christmas until Carnival (February to March). Visiting Brazil in September through November promises summer weather and a savings on high-season rates. All the other months are usually pleasant but carry a somewhat greater possibility of rain.


Carnival in  Brazil, ©karendesuyo/Flickr

Carnival in Brazil, ©karendesuyo/Flickr

Necessities to Have

Planning a trip to Brazil must begin by taking the necessary vaccinations, especially visiting the more rustic areas of Brazil for extended periods of time. Another important step in planning is to be sure if you need visa to enter Brazil. United States, Canadian, and Australian citizens require a visa to enter Brazil. United Kingdom and South African nationals do not require a visa to visit Brazil.

Have Both Cash and Card with You

Credit card and ATM machines are widely available in Rio de Janeiro and other major cities. Credit Cards offer the best exchange rates. However, better prices are usually offered if you pay in cash, with prices up to 15% less expensive. Therefore when planning your trip, you must think of taking cash with you. ATM’s are the best way to obtain cash, and ATM machines are available even in smaller towns.

ATM machines , ©~FLO/Flickr

ATM machines , ©~FLO/Flickr

It’s Better Not to Be Over-dressed

As far as the things you should take on your Brazilian trip concerns, there isn’t any specific you need to bring. Dress comfortably for all the exploring you will be doing and don’t over-dress or wear flashy and expensive looking clothing or jewelry. As for sunscreen, bathing suits, and sunglasses- you can always buy those things in Brazil, you are in a civilized country.

Various Types of Trips

When you’re planning your trip to Brazil you will find loads of types of vacations to choose. Whether you are choosing a tourism vacation with a big variety of cultural sites or an ecosystem saving trip, there’s no way to be disappointed about it. Brazil is an excellent place to explore with a group. Much like family travel, group travel involves taking care of many logistics, a process that may not be trivial.

Brazil group holiday, ©David Holt London/Flickr

A group holiday in Brazil, ©David Holt London/Flickr

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