Unique Easter Traditions in Brazil

Chocolate Easter Eggs


Having the largest Catholic population in the world, Brazil celebrates Easter with rituals similar to those of other Catholic countries.  During the Holy Week-Semana Santa in Portuguese, visitors arrive in the historic cities to experience the traditional Catholic rituals on the cobblestone streets and in the old churches where the Mass is held. If you would like to learn more or even experience the Easter traditions in Brazil, keep reading on and enjoy our guide about Unique Easter traditions in Brazil, hopefully you will like it.

About Easter

Being one of the most important Christian feasts celebrated across the world it is an important festivity in the largest Catholic country in Brazil as well. At Easter we commemorate the resurrection of Christ. Brazil celebrates in a different manner like most of the European countries. Easter holiday is very important in the country, as most of the kids are growing up in catholic rituals they know that the Easter is not just about the Easter Bunny, it’s much more a religious celebration, time for visiting the churches and remembering the resurrection of God.

A bit different

Palm Sunday in a ancient church in São Paulo

©LUIZ:Sao Paulo’s Eyes/flickr

As I mentioned above, Brazil celebrates a bit different than most of the countries in Europe, here in Brazil there is an immense grandeur and splendor at Easter as various carnivals are held in different part of the country to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. People take part in varied Easter festivities, which all makes the fiestas held in historic towns special. The most popular tourist destination spots are filled with crows of people who relax on the beaches and spend their holiday with their families and friends.

Unique Easter Rituals

There is a unique scene that every traveler can see at Easter time in different parts of Brazil. People gather on the streets as a tradition for “beating up” Judas who betrayed Christ. There is play with straw men, Judas who is hanged on the streets for betraying Christ.

Some other rituals are the so called Carnivals in smaller towns for celebrating the end of Lent.

Major elements of Easter

The Easter rituals begin during the Holly Week when palm branches woven to crosses are the most representative features of the rituals. Also a major aspect of Easter feast is the worshipped nature. The Macela flower is considered to be the most important feature of the traditions as people on Palm Sunday brings the flower to the church for blessing by the priest. After Easter the flower is used as a medicine.

Easter food

Cod Fish


Being a strongly catholic country, in Brazilians are not eating meat on Good Friday. Instead of meat there are some dishes that are traditional at Easter. Cod Fish is a very popular meal in almost every Brazilian family. Pacocoa is another specialty that is prepared in almost every household. The favorite delicacies at Easter are: chocolate Easter Eggs, Easter ring cake and clip fish.

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